8th District Tail-Gate & Political Forum @ UNION UNIVERSITY (Jackson, TN)

Date: 10/7/2010 (TODAY!)
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Place: Union University (Jackson, TN) @ the Carl Grant Events Center, 1050 Union University Dr., Jackson, TN 38305

Union University is holding a forum for Donn Janes to provide the citizens of the 8th district insight into his plans for the district, if elected. Mr. Janes is the candidate that aligns most closely with Mid-South Tea Party principles and values. If you are so inclined, he needs as much support from us as possible. Please make the effort to attend this event to show the community that “We The People” support candidates that align with us.

A tail-gate gathering will be held in the parking lot from 7:00-8:00pm for a meet/greet and to show unity for this event. Please call (901) 827-0120 if you need further information.

Visit us at http://www.midsouthteaparty.org


October 5, 2010

For Immediate Release:


The Mid-South Tea Party is organizing a Forum for ALL of the candidates in the 8th District. The principal candidates in the election are Roy Herron representing the Democratic Party, Stephen Fincher representing the Republican Party, and Donn Janes an Independent Candidate. All three candidates have been invited. The Moderator for the event will be Mr. John Lewis of Fayette County.

The forum will be held October 12th, beinning at 7:00 P.M. at the Millington Civic Center, 8077 Wilkinsville Rd., Millington, TN 38053.

The objective of the forum is to provide an opportunity for constituents of the 8th District to make an informed voting decision November 2, 2010. In addition to opening remarks, each of the candidates will have a separate time with Mr. Lewis who will ask questions with relevance in this campaign. There will also be a time for audience questions. Although this event is sponsored by The Mid-South Tea Party, constituents of all political beliefs are welcome. News media is invited and would be welcome.

Contact: Keith R. Hoffman 901-730-4010

Fincher Has Lost His Way

I just have to shake my head on this one …

MARTIN, Tenn. — Republican congressional candidate Stephen Fincher appeared unaware or confused Thursday over whether parts of Memphis are in the 8th Congressional District until his campaign manager told him Frayser is in the city and the district.

Fincher also said, in a speech at the University of Tennessee at Martin, that he won’t debate Democratic opponent Roy Herron and won’t release his tax returns, saying his federally mandated financial disclosures are adequate.

No wonder he does not want to debate the issues. If the man does not even know that parts of Memphis and Shelby County are in his district then I can image the depths of his ignorance on other issues.

I spoke with Jim Tomasik last night and told him that I thought the worst case scenario for TN D8 was that Donn Janes would pick up between 10-20% of the vote and effectively give the seat to Democrat Roy Herron. Herron and I are from the same NW Tennessee county, Weakley. It is a rural area and people know who you are, what your daddy did and everything else about you. Herron is a good man, and we could do worse (like Fincher).

Of course, my preference would be that Donn Janes wins the election, and that could still happen. At least Donn knows how to find the Memphis voters.

More at Post Politics.

Donn Janes TN D8 Debate

A press release from the Donn Janes campaign …

For Immediate Release: September 30, 2010

Brighton, TN

Donn Janes has accepted the invitation to debate the other candidates in the running for the Congressional seat being vacated by retiring Congressman John Tanner. Lane College will be hosting this debate for all the candidates of the 8th Congressional District at 7 p.m. October 21st in the Chambers-McClure Academic Center Auditorium. As noted in the Jackson Sun today, the only candidate not accepting the invitation so far is Stephen Fincher. According to the Republican nominee’s campaign staff, Mr. Fincher refuses to debate his opponents due to allegations of wrong doing made against him by Senator Herron. Mr. Fincher failed to properly fill out his financial disclosure paperwork and Democrat Senator Herron has pounded him relentlessly because of it.

Donn Janes commented on Fincher’s reluctance to debate the other candidates: “This whole hiding from the media issue with Stephen Fincher is playing politics not rising above it. This is an open seat race and the voters are entitled to see how all the candidates measure up side by side.” Donn continued, “All of the candidates must get into the debate so we can lay out our stances on important issues for the voters. Come on Stephen, its time to rise above politics.”

Jim Tomasik

We don’t need Fincher to have a congressional campaign in District 8. You have one Democrat, Herron and one Republican, Janes running so why worry about ‘soft hands’ Fincher?