House Republican Bill Undermines The Violence Against Women Act

The passage of the Violence Against Women Act nearly two decades ago was an historic moment for America’s women and girls. The law gave women new legal protections that help ensure their safety.

via Valerie Jarrett: Just Plain Wrong: House Republican Bill Undermines the Violence Against Women Act.

Oh really Ms. Jarrett? No law ever “protected” anybody. They just give the legal system something to punish the perpetrators with. Passing a law against theft did not “protect” my lawnmower when I left it overnight in the carport a few years ago. Nor did it protect the new one I bought to replace it with the following year.

I don’t know about other states, but we don’t need a law to protect women here in Tennessee. Our state legislature has put plenty of laws on the books already that protect US ALL. But as we know, in politics, nothing is as it seems.

But even the revised House version omits the Senate’s references to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, a support-killer for advocates for those groups.

Or put another way, the gay lobby does not want the law renewed (which deals mainly with American Indian tribal lands) unless it includes them. So it is NOT about violence against women, but another hijacking effort by the gay lobby. So it is not the GOP undermining the bill, but the first Gay President.

Caroline Kennedy Calls Obama a ‘Liar’

There was a time when I was proud to be a Democrat. Caroline’s father was the President who inspired an entire generation to be greater than we thought we ever could be. He taught us to focus on doing for ourselves and not looking to government to solve our problems. My how times have changed. I understand how Caroline feels.

“It really annoyed Caroline when comparisons were made by the media between Michelle and Jackie. Caroline had a word for such comparisons; she called them ‘odious.’ She really got annoyed. And when she began to fall out of love with the Obamas, love was replaced by outright scorn. Now she says things about Obama like, ‘I can’t stand to hear his voice any more. He’s a liar and worse.’”

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Obama approval rating hits all-time low


If you think 40% is bad, just wait until the “taliban” get done with him next year ….

A new poll shows that President Barack Obama’s approval rating has plummeted to a new low as talks to raise the debt ceiling stalled and the president stayed out of the public eye after a Monday night speech through early Friday.

The president’s average approval rating on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was 40 percent in Gallup’s daily tracking poll released on Friday. His approval rating averaged 46 percent in June, and was at about the same level for most of July.

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461 days left until Judgement Day II


Yeah well, 461 days the Taliban will strike back ….

Ten years ago, the Taliban in Afghanistan destroyed two gigantic figures of Buddha, carved into a hillside 18 centuries before. The world was aghast at this barbarian act taken in the name of religious purity. But was powerless to stop it.

We now have a group of U.S. politicians seeking political purity, who seem to have much in common with the Taliban. They are tea party members; and because of blind adherence to smaller government, they seem intent on risking destroying what American political leaders have constructed in more than two centuries of hard, often painful work. Like the Taliban, they see compromise as an unacceptable alternative.

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