A Short History of Beheading

Now more associated with terrorism, it was once the preferred form of execution for the one under the ax.

Beheading: Once a Nobleman's Death : Discovery News

Though historically decapitation was essentially a means to an end, the beheading element itself carried a powerful message, and continues to do so today. There are far cleaner and less gruesome ways to kill a person, but few things make a greater impression on the public than seeing a severed head. That shock value is used to strike fear in enemies and ensure obedience.

via Beheading: Once a Nobleman’s Death : Discovery News.

Happy 3,025th Birthday King David!

A new museum in Tel Aviv – the Beit David Museum, dedicated to the House of David – offers two fun-filled free days honoring the holiday of Shavuot, which is also celebrated as the 3,025th birthday of greatest Jewish king ever.

via King David’s 3,025th Birthday Bash at New Museum – Inside Israel – News – Israel National News.

Driving America Without Interstate Highways

I am scanning some old American Oil Company maps of the US from 1961. It is a nice reminder of what getting around the country was like before the Interstate system.

These are large files and right-click, “save link as” will work best for you.
Northeastern United States (129 mb pdf)
Southeastern United States (111 mb pdf)