Sources: Emerging debt deal calls for up to $2.8 trillion


Unacceptable! The National Debt has increased more than that in the past 3 years under Obama. The ONLY acceptable solution is to spend no more money than the government takes in. Otherwise, the debt will continue to grow. So if they are proposing cutting the debt and are serious, why not stop the spending now?

Washington (CNN) — With the deadline to reach a debt ceiling agreement just two days away, congressional leaders and the White House are mulling parts of a tentative deal that would extend the debt limit through next year.

The framework of the emerging deal to raise the nation’s debt ceiling calls for up to $2.8 trillion in total deficit reduction over the next decade, two sources familiar with the negotiations told CNN late Saturday night.

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Pelosi: Boehner went to ‘dark side’


Darn, she is the one who looks like Darth Vader ….

Right before the House voted to reject a Democratic debt-ceiling plan, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi didn’t mince words.

Pelosi pulled out a Star Wars reference on the House floor, saying that Speaker John Boehner “chose to go to the dark side” and court the most conservative members of his conference, rather than work on a bipartisan compromise.

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Treasury May Delay Payment Plan (Or The Good News The Media Is Not Reporting)

With all the media hype and predictions of gloom-and-doom, let me be the first to give you the good news. For all the rhetoric, since this “debt crisis” began back in May, our national debt has stabilized. Beyond that, it has actually decreased by ~3 billion dollars. So by holding their ground, the tea party coalition in Congress is accomplishing the task the were elected to do. Keep up the good work folks!

Though there had been hopes that the Treasury Department would detail its debt ceiling contingency plans after the end of trading Friday, the delay in a vote on House Speaker John Boehner’s bill may mean that the department waits a few days before announcing what bills will be paid first in the event that it can no longer borrow money after Aug. 2. –

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No floor vote on debt bill Thursday night, House Majority Whip says –



I reckon they can’t get enough folks to hold their noses and vote for it ….

WASHINGTON –There will be no vote on House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) bill to raise the nation’s debt ceiling Thursday night, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told FOX News Channel.
Earlier Thursday, Republicans announced that they had postponed the House vote on the bill as Boehner sought more time to convince skeptical Republicans to sign on to his plan. – Source.