161 Days Left Until The Zombie Apocalypse

Today is the Texas Primary.
7 days until the California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota Primaries.
28 days until the Utah Primary and …
That’s all folks!

161 days left until the Zombie Apocalypse. It begins as the dead begin to rise up to vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

There Are Heroes, And Then There Are Times When We Need Heroes

I heard about the comments made by Chris Hayes on MSNBC in regards to being “uncomfortable” calling our solider’s who have given their lives defending our freedom, heroes. I think that is sad, and it brought to mind the actions of “less than heroic” individuals on 9/11.

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As United Airlines Flight 93 was headed over Pittsburgh, the air traffic controllers panicked and evacuated the tower. After evacuation, a commercial aircraft on descent and another aircraft had a rather close encounter, but managed to evade a collision with one another.

Of course we are laughing about this now, but at the time (1355) there was a commercial aircraft, CHQ4334 (Chautauqua Airlines) on approach and descending. Crossing it’s flight path was another plane, N8222N holding at 9,000 feet. Looks like they had to take some serious evasive action (although they were still a few thousand feet apart in altitude).

By contrast that day, our military aircraft were scrambling to respond. Some without weapons and unsure how they would stop United 93 as it approached our Nation’s capital.

A F-16 pilot scrambled on 9/11 to prevent another attack on the US capital says she was prepared to ram her plane into a hijacked aircraft — as there was no time to arm her plane with missiles.

 So Chris Hayes may be uncomfortable calling them heroes, but I am not. When others flee for cover, they put themselves in harm’s way even if they know the cost of doing so is their own lives.

Listen for yourself. No heroes in Pittsburgh that day, but thank God there were a few in the skies over our Nation’s capitol.