Wag The Reverend

Personally, I think Jeremiah Wright is old news and quite frankly boring. Rev. Wright is not running for President, and Obama has not set foot in the man’s Church for years. However, it is interesting that the Politico does not seem to think the Romney campaign needs to talk about it, so that tells me that we probably should.

Anything that makes the election less of a pure referendum on the incumbent’s performance benefits Obama.

via Race issues return with Rev. Jeremiah Wright – Jonathan Martin and James Hohmann – POLITICO.com.

I agree with that assessment in part however. I personally think Obama wants to stir up the race pot, the woman pot and the gay pot. He might even be relishing an attack on Iran by Israel just to keep the headlines off his record (remember the movie “Wag the Dog”?). In any event, if people want to talk about the good Reverend, then that’s okay too. We all could use the comic relief right now.

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