64% of Jerusalem’s Population is Jewish

The capital of Israel is 64% Jewish. Imagine that 🙂

The data show that in 2011 Jerusalem’s population was estimated at 801,000, of which 64 percent were Jews and other non-Arabs and 36 percent were Arabs.

There were 497,000 Jews in

Jerusalem in 2011, 281,000 Muslims, 14,000 Christians and 9,000 with no stated religious affiliation. In total, since 1967 and until the end of 2011 the city’s population grew by 200 percent: the Jewish population increased by 157 percent and the Arab population increased by 327 percent.

The data also show that in 2010, 474,000 people (Jews and Arabs) lived that in areas that were added to Jerusalem in 1967. These 474,000 inhabitants represent 60 percent of the population of Jerusalem.

via 64% of Jerusalem’s Population is Jewish – Inside Israel – News – Israel National News.

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