House Republican Bill Undermines The Violence Against Women Act

The passage of the Violence Against Women Act nearly two decades ago was an historic moment for America’s women and girls. The law gave women new legal protections that help ensure their safety.

via Valerie Jarrett: Just Plain Wrong: House Republican Bill Undermines the Violence Against Women Act.

Oh really Ms. Jarrett? No law ever “protected” anybody. They just give the legal system something to punish the perpetrators with. Passing a law against theft did not “protect” my lawnmower when I left it overnight in the carport a few years ago. Nor did it protect the new one I bought to replace it with the following year.

I don’t know about other states, but we don’t need a law to protect women here in Tennessee. Our state legislature has put plenty of laws on the books already that protect US ALL. But as we know, in politics, nothing is as it seems.

But even the revised House version omits the Senate’s references to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, a support-killer for advocates for those groups.

Or put another way, the gay lobby does not want the law renewed (which deals mainly with American Indian tribal lands) unless it includes them. So it is NOT about violence against women, but another hijacking effort by the gay lobby. So it is not the GOP undermining the bill, but the first Gay President.

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