Gay Marriage Issue Divides Churches?

Gay Marriage Issue Divides Churches -

The same old debate, and the same old political tactic. Instead of focusing on things that matter to all Americans, such as the nation’s sky-high jobless rate, an increasing misery index, an on-going multifaceted “war on terror”, a federal bureaucracy becoming ever more intrusive and a constant barrage of assaults on personal liberty, the Obama administration focuses instead on the most divisive of issues that in the grand scheme of the universe don’t matter much. Of course it is all designed to shift American’s attention away from such things as the national debt which is rapidly approaching $16 trillion (only around $11 trillion when he took office 3 short years ago). A few short weeks ago, it was abortion and the “war on women”, now we are talking about “gay marriage”. And it is a tactic that works.

“The proslavery contingent quoted the Bible repeatedly, saying that God has all these commandments about slavery and nowhere in the Bible, including the New Testament, is it stated that there’s anything wrong with slavery,” Mr. Coogan said. “The abolitionists also quoted the Bible, but used the same sort of more general texts that supporters of same-sex relationships are using: love your neighbor, treat others as you would have them treat you, the golden rule.” Gay Marriage Issue Divides Churches –


The NY Times would not know what is or is not biblical if someone whacked them on the head with a Bible. Obama, along with many in the media want to frame the “gay marriage” issue as the new “civil rights” crisis of our time. Yet anyone familiar with the Bible knows that the above quote is completely misleading. The abolitionist’s arguments during the slavery debate have absolutely nothing to do with the “gay marriage” issue. Whereas, although slavery was found in the Bible, there was no specific prohibition or guideline for either side to claim. In this case, the very definition of marriage is established by the Bible and some very specific prohibitions against the sexual behavior at the core of the debate are outlined in it. In other words, an effort to “re-write” the Bible to fit someone’s sexual proclivities.

So although there may be “division” in the Churches, that is nothing new. Those on each side of the “debate” are simply arguing over whether or not the Bible should be the authority on social issues, or should the Church bow to ever-changing social mores? It is the same old argument that has not diminished in the 2,000 year history of the Church. But fanning the flames of social unrest keeps our attention diverted and people divided. Perhaps next week the debate will shift to catering the Mormon vote away from Romney with a movement to end the prohibition against polygamy.


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