Matt Damon Does Not Understand “Job Creation”

If I may respond to Matt Damon …

Are the wealthy who make $250,000 and above job creators? Damon doesn’t think so. “I didn’t start a small business with my tax break, and I don’t know anybody else who did. Everybody’s socking their money away. Nobody started a business with their first tax cut…that just defies common sense. I was against those tax cuts, they were ridiculous. So little is asked of the upper class anyway, what percent of them or their kids are fighting in any of these wars?…If you walk down Fifth Avenue, there’s no sense of shared sacrifice.”

via Matt Damon’s not to be messed with – The Marquee Blog – Blogs.

I presume he means that he saved his money in a savings account or perhaps stocks. What that means Matt, is that your money just became capital. That money will go either into the government debt or into private investment ventures. In any event, your money goes to work creating jobs.

Secondly, what you don’t save, you spend. That means you consumed something in the private sector. The private sector creates things and among them, jobs. The government on the other hand creates not much of anything.

So Matt, if you would prefer giving your money to the government than to the private sector where it will accomplish something, then the Treasury is accepting contributions towards our 14 plus something trillion dollar debt. You are free to do with your money as you wish, just keep yer damn hands off of mine and everyone else’s.

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