Restoration Of The 10th?

I think I like it ….

The same people driving the lawsuits that seek to dismantle the Obama administration’s health care overhaul have set their sights on an even bigger target: a constitutional amendment that would allow a vote of the states to overturn any act of Congress.

Under the proposed “repeal amendment,” any federal law or regulation could be repealed if the legislatures of two-thirds of the states voted to do so. – NYT

1 thought on “Restoration Of The 10th?

  1. No, This is just a run-a-round to have an Article V constitutional convention. The people proposing just this amendment may not get all the states and the congress to agree, and then will start advocating that Congress is not listening and we need an Article V convention to add just this One amendment, but there is no way to Limit a Constitutional Convention and then we may get a totally new form of government with No Constitutional Protections. (a run-away convention is how we got the current one, and we would Never be that ‘lucky’ again)

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