Osama Bin Laden’s First Strike Against America

We often forget that our conflict with Bin Laden did not start on 9/11.

ADEN, Yemen, Dec. 29 (AP) — Two bombs exploded today at hotels where Marines were staying en route to Somalia, killing one person and wounding eight, the Government said. The Pentagon said no American personnel were harmed.

A Pentagon spokesman, Maj. Bryan Whitman of the Army, said in Washington that “no U.S. military personnel were involved.”

Yemen, a republic of 12 million at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, is allowing American forces working in Somalia to use its air and sea installations.

This is OBL’s first strike against US Marines stationed in Yemen in 1992. Within days, the Yemeni Ministry of Interior determined it was OBL and sought help from Interpol to locate him. The CIA was notified of who launched the attack. Yet two years later when the Sudan offered to turn OBL over to the US, Bill Clinton refused claiming that OBL had done nothing against the US.

Thank you Bill for 9/11.

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