More Medicare/Tricare cuts

So, something else for us baby boomers to look forward to, less available health care.  You can’t blame doctors if they stop taking new Medicare patients, they can’t afford to take the hit they would take.

It is just sad that after all these years of hard work and paying into a system that was put in place to take care of seniors has turned into a financial nightmare.  Of course, if it was like it was in the good old days, our children would be taking care of us when we could no longer support ourselves.

WASHINGTON – Breast cancer surgeon Kathryn Wagner has posted a warning in her waiting room about a different sort of risk to patients’ health: She’ll stop taking new Medicare cases if Congress allows looming cuts in doctors’ pay to go through.

Making it even worse, is the fact that Tricare is tied into this entire mess…don’t know how that happened, but it will also mean that our military will not have proper medical and how many of them will find it hard to find a doctor?

Health care for military service members, families and retirees also would be jeopardized because Tricare payments are tied to Medicare’s.

My biggest argument against a National Healthcare system has been based on the fact that the government cannot even manage what they are already in charge of, how do they expect to control health care for an entire nation?  Yeah, I don’t see that happening.

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