October 1, 2010

For Immediate Release:


The Mid-South Tea Party is organizing a Forum for ALL of the candidates in the 9th District. The two principal candidates in the election are Congressman Steve Cohen representing the Democratic Party and Ms. Charlotte Bergmann representing the Republican Party. There are two independent candidates Ms. Sandra Sullivan and Mr. Perry Steele. All four candidates have been invited. The Moderators for the event will be Mr. Chuck Bates, News Director and Ms. Precious Watson, International Correspondent. Both are from the Information Radio Network (IRN).

The forum will be held October 11th, from 7-9:00 P.M., at Cherokee Baptist Church. The Church is located at 5340 Quince Road, in Memphis. (the corner of Quince and Estate)

The objective of the forum is to provide an opportunity for constituents to make an informed voting decision November 2, 2010. In addition to opening remarks, each of the candidates will have a separate time with the Moderators who will ask them questions important to the campaign. There will also be a time for audience questions. Although the event is sponsored by the Mid-South Tea Party, the audience will consist of constituents with various political beliefs and who desire to learn the character and political views of each candidate. News media will be invited.

Contact: Keith R. Hoffman 901-730-4010

This message was sent by: The Mid-South TEA Party, PO Box 1751, Cordova, TN 38088

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