Fincher Has Lost His Way

I just have to shake my head on this one …

MARTIN, Tenn. — Republican congressional candidate Stephen Fincher appeared unaware or confused Thursday over whether parts of Memphis are in the 8th Congressional District until his campaign manager told him Frayser is in the city and the district.

Fincher also said, in a speech at the University of Tennessee at Martin, that he won’t debate Democratic opponent Roy Herron and won’t release his tax returns, saying his federally mandated financial disclosures are adequate.

No wonder he does not want to debate the issues. If the man does not even know that parts of Memphis and Shelby County are in his district then I can image the depths of his ignorance on other issues.

I spoke with Jim Tomasik last night and told him that I thought the worst case scenario for TN D8 was that Donn Janes would pick up between 10-20% of the vote and effectively give the seat to Democrat Roy Herron. Herron and I are from the same NW Tennessee county, Weakley. It is a rural area and people know who you are, what your daddy did and everything else about you. Herron is a good man, and we could do worse (like Fincher).

Of course, my preference would be that Donn Janes wins the election, and that could still happen. At least Donn knows how to find the Memphis voters.

More at Post Politics.

2 thoughts on “Fincher Has Lost His Way

  1. Donn Janes is not in this race to get Herron or Fincher elected. Donn knows he is the right man for the job.

    He is also aware that part of Memphis proper is in the 8th District.

    (Now can you do something with the font’s colors? It is hard to read.)

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