Don’t Be A Jackass

I saw this video floating around Facebook and quite frankly it outraged me to no end.

I have no issue with the guy recording the checkpoint stop. I do however have an issue with him giving the Border Patrol officer a hard time for doing her job. He should have been thanking her, not making her job more difficult.

Law enforcement has the right to conduct these stops/checkpoints. If you have an issue with them, take them up with your Congressman and the SCOTUS. As long as they are conducted uniformly, without ‘profiling’ or singling one individual out, then they are completely constitutional. The SCOTUS ruled long ago that an individual is obligated to identify themselves to a law enforcement officer. A roadway is public property and operating a vehicle on them is a privilege (not a right) subject to public laws and regulations. Law enforcement is charged with enforcing those laws and regulations in a uniform manner and a person’s ability to use those roads is conditional.

We give the Border Patrol guys a hard time for people crossing the border illegally and not doing their jobs. Then when they are doing their jobs, idiots like this give them a hard time. So the next time you have an issue with a law enforcement officer doing their job, take the time to thank them for doing it. Then contact your local elected officials and give them a hard time about it.

Law enforcement simply enforces the laws created by our elected officials and courts. They cannot change the laws and/or enforcement policies. As long as they are professional and apply the law uniformly, we can ask no more of them.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Jackass

  1. Bind or compel (someone), esp. legally or morally. These checkpoints have no legal or morally justification to stop it’s citizens. Period. We do not live in a state of marshall law or dictatorships. Why do you think she was “obligated” to let him go even though he had not answered her question? Because we are a nation of laws, she is an officer of the law and MUST comply. You may want to give up your liberty for a little veil of protection. But don’t criticize someone for knowing their rights and sticking to them.

    • All due respect, she let him go because she did not want to push the point at that time. The checkpoints are lawful and you have no ‘rights’ to decline identifying yourself to a law enforcement officer. I was one for 12 years and if it had of been me I would have arrested him for ‘failure to comply’. But that is just me.

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